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Union County Animal Control


The staff and volunteers of Union County Animal Services believe in finding homes for as many unclaimed animals housed at the shelter as possible and are committed to making every effort to do so. To accomplish this, we work with several rescue groups, foster parents, and utilize social media to share our available pets. Please visit our Facebook page for current adoption specials, or call us at 386-496-2180.

Most of the animals that we receive are strays. When a stray animal arrives at the shelter it is held for five (5) business days, allowing the owner time to reclaim their pet. If the animal is not reclaimed, then it will be available for adoption. We do place adoption holds on animals that are still in their stray period, so that they can go to their new home as quickly as possible.

It is required by Florida State Statute (823.15) that all dogs and cats adopted from Animal Control Agencies must be spayed or neutered. It is also required by Florida State Statute (828.30) that all dogs, cats and ferrets four (4) months of age or older must receive a rabies vaccination administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Note: The animals available for adoption are subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: UCAC makes a substantial effort to assure that adoptable animals are in good health. However, since little is known about the animal’s health, background and behavior, it is possible that undetectable illnesses or conditions may be present or incubating at the time of adoption. Therefore, UCAC does not make any guarantee as to age, behavior, breed, health temperament or ultimate size of any animal. The County shall not be held liable for the health nor the behavior of any animal. The County agrees to exchange an adopted animal for another should it prove to be in poor health or die of natural causes within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the Adoption Agreement as diagnosed and attested to in writing by a licensed veterinarian. There will be no CASH REFUNDS made to the Adopter by the County.


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Hours of Operation:
By Appointment Only
Mon - 7-3
Tues - 9:30-5:30
Wed - 7-3
Thurs - 7-3
Fri - 7-3
Sat - 9-11


Call 386-496-2180
for more info

Kimberly Hayes

Animal Control Director


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